September 28, 2016

A closer look at your 2016-17 Ottawa 67's

Just two games into the OHL regular season and a 1-1 record, the Ottawa 67’s brass is slowly starting to see how their team shapes up. There are many positives from both games including some great offensive performances by Austen Keating, Artur Tyanulin and Drake Rymsha along with a couple stellar saves by Leo Lazarev. But there is a lot of work to be done.

“We got a lot of youth in the lineup, especially on the backend, it's tough. Even our older guys struggled today. It’s early and we’ve got a lot of work to do.” said head coach Jeff Brown after a 7-5 loss to the Barrie Colts on a guaranteed-win Sunday afternoon.

The 67’s will have one of the youngest teams in the OHL this season and it has shown from several defensive breakdowns throughout the preseason and the regular season. With such a young squad, the 67’s brass will have to be very patient

15 returning players
8 brand new players
7 rookies
3 current overagers
2 current import players

  • Dante Salituro
  • Nathan Todd
  • Nevin Guy
  • Evan de Haan
  • Stepan Falkovsky
  • Jeremiah Addison
  • Liam Herbst
  • Adam Craievich
After two impressive draft seasons and not being selected, Dante Salituro earned himself a NHL contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets as a free agent. Salituro will likely make the Cleveland Monsters, the AHL affiliate for Columbus.

Graduating is Nathan Todd, Nevin Guy and Evan de Haan. Todd was a huge threat down the stretch and one of Ottawa’s best players in their last two postseasons. He signed a deal with the Quad City Mallards of the ECHL. Guy and de Haan leave behind them a young blueline who will miss some of that veteran direction.

Adding to the already depleted blueline is last year’s import selection, Stepan Falkovsky. It is unknown where Falkovsky will land at the moment, but there is no spot for him with the 67’s at this time with two players (Artur Tyanulin & Andrej Golikov) already filling the Import player maximum.

Earlier this month, Jeremiah Addison was traded to the Windsor Spitfires in exchange for conditional picks. Between Salituro, Todd and Addison - who are all no longer with the team - that is 200 points gone from last season. Other players will now be depended on to step up

Liam Herbst was traded to the Guelph Storm in the offseason for a 4th round pick. It was clear that Leo Lazarev won the starting goaltending job and Herbst would not be getting all the playing time he deserves. Trading Herbst allows him to become a starter for a rebuilding team, let’s Olivier Lafreniere come in to get experience, and frees up an overage spot for Ottawa.Through two games, Herbst hold a 1.00 goals against average. Not too shabby.

Adam Craievich was cut from the team and will look to pursue other hockey opportunities. We thought he has a lot of skill that he wasn't able to connect in Ottawa but skills that could land him in the QMJHL, however, he is currently playing for the Caledonia Corvairs in the GOJHL.

  • Patrick White
  • Olivier Lafreniere
  • Ben Evans
  • Kody Clark
  • Peter Stratis
  • Carter Robertson
  • Kevin Bahl
  • Andrej Golikov
The Addison and Herbst trades opened up an overage spot which the 67’s filled with Orleans native, F Patrick White. White was acquired in the offseason from the Sarnia Sting for a fourth round pick.

Also making their debuts for the 67’s is 2014 pick Olivier Lafreniere who is expected to take over from Leo Lazarev next season. F Ben Evans made some big impressions in camp and earned a roster spot along with fellow 2015 pick F Kody Clark. Clark has shown some great flashes of skill and is off to a good start with a goal in each game. Clark is the son of former Maple Leafs’ favourite, Wendel Clark. His father has been around town since training camp and was able to see both of his son’s goals.

“It’s fun and exciting for me to be here watching my young guy play,” says Wendel Clark.

Rounding out the rookies the 2015 selections Peter Stratis (1st round), Carter Robertson (2nd round), Kevin Bahl (2nd round) and Andrej Golikov (1st round import draft). Other than all being drafted in the 2015 OHL draft, they are also all defenseman and make up a good chunk of the blueline. Stratis has missed both regular season games and will be out for a couple more weeks with an upperbody injury.


Leo Lazarev is the started while Olivier Lafreniere backs up. Lazarev will be relied on a lot this season. He will be expected to steal some games for this young squad while being a mentor for Lafreniere as he prepares to take over in the future.


As mentioned, the defense has a big overhaul of talented, young players. There are only two defenseman over the age of 18. Jake Middleton will be looked to often and has a big task ahead of him. They 67’s will need to decide if they bring in another veteran defenseman or be patient and let the rookies learn from their own mistakes.


The 67’s have 11 returning forwards, but only 9 who played regularly last season. After requesting a trade in the offseason, Ben Fanjoy is looking rather comfortable on the top line. Players to watch will be Sasha Chmelevski and Austen Keating as they both enter their draft year along with experienced vets Travis Barron, Artur Tyanulin and sophomore Drake Rymsha. Tyanulin will look to build on his career high of 52 points in 67 games. Chmelevski and Rymsha hope to stay healthy to prove themselves throughout the season. Barron has definitely worked out in the postseason and it looks like it’s been working for him as he has a complete new energy since he returned.


Jeff Brown enters his 3rd season behind the 67’s bench. Joining the 67’s coaching staff this season is another former NHL defensemen, Brad Brown (no relation), as an assistant coach. The 67’s now have three Browns on their team. Brown was part of the Maplesoft Hawks Hockey Organization for the last six years. Before that, he was helping out with the Barrie Colts in 2009.

  • Run and gun - Brown likes systems, but it may take the players a bit to get used to it and buy in. The team has a run-and-gun look, but that won’t always make them successful if they continue to cough up the puck in their own zone.
  • Inexperience - experience can be a lot, especially down the long stretches. Some players will be looked upon faster than they may expect and there will be a lot of pressure on the few vets.
  • Long pain period - the 67’s will have to decide if they are going to be patient and let things work out for themselves or if they will trade some assets for more potential success this season.
  • Ben Fanjoy
  • Austen Keating
  • Sasha Chmeleveski
  • Drake Rymsha
  • Travis Barron

September 27, 2016

Your 2016-17 Ottawa 67's

Introducing your 2016-17 Ottawa 67's squad.


#8 Ben Fanjoy - Centre
Height - 6.02
Weight - 184
May 10, 1997
Ottawa, ON
OHL - OTT (2013) Rd: 5 (#89)
Follow him on Twitter: @fanjoy8

#9 Austen Keating - Left Wing
Height - 6.00
Weight - 170
Mar 7, 1999
Guelph, ON
OHL - OTT (2015) Rd: 1 (#16)
Follow him on Twitter: @AustenKeating

#11 David Pearce - Left Wing
Height - 6.01
Weight - 186
Jan 9, 1998
Barrie, ON
OHL - OTT (2014) Rd: 6 (#103)
Follow him on Twitter: @PearceBud

#12 Nolan Gardiner - Centre
Height - 6.00
Weight - 185
Sep 9, 1998
Tilbury, ON
OHL - OTT (2014) Rd: 10 (#203)
Follow him on Twitter@N_Gardzy11

#13 Artur Tyanulin - Right Wing
Height - 5.10
Weight - 173
Jan 20, 1997
Kazan, Russia
EURO - OTT (2014) Rd: 1 (#7)

#16 Ben Evans - Centre
Height - 6.00
Weight - 195
Jan 16, 1999
Thorold, ON
OHL - OTT (2015) Rd: 8 (#155)
Follow him on Twitter: @benevans917

#19 Travis Barron - Left Wing
Height - 6.01
Weight - 203
Aug 17, 1998
Belfountain, ON
NHL - COL (2016) Rd: 7 (#191)
OHL - OTT (2014) Rd: 1 (#3)
Follow him on Twitter: @TBarron89

#26 Trent Mallette - Right Wing
Height - 5.10
Weight - 186
Aug 24, 1996
Levack, ON
OHL - SSM (2012) Rd: 4 (#67)
Follow him on Twitter: @trentmallette

#51 Patrick White - Centre
Height - 5.11
Weight - 196
Feb 13, 1996
Orleans, ON
OHL - SAR (2012) Rd: 5 (#89)
Follow him on Twitter: @patwhite96

#71 Kody Clark - Right Wing
Height - 6.01
Weight - 176
Oct 13, 1999
Toronto, ON
OHL - OTT (2015) Rd: 6 (#115)
Follow him on Twitter: @kody_clark99

#83 Connor Warnholtz - Left Wing
Height - 6.02
Weight - 175
Jul 1, 1998
Kanata, ON
OHL - OTT FA (2015)
Follow him on Twitter: @CWarnholtz83

#86 Drake Rymsha - Centre
Height - 6.00
Weight - 182
Aug 6, 1998
Huntington Woods, MI
OHL - LDN (2014) Rd: 5 (#83)

#89 Sasha Chmelevski - Centre
Height - 6.00
Weight - 186
Jun 9, 1999
Northville, MI
OHL - SAR (2015) Rd: 1 (#10)
Follow him on Twitter: @sashachmelevski

#91 Chase Campbell - Right Wing
Height - 5.08
Weight - 171
Jun 24, 1998
Waterloo, ON
OHL - SAR (2014) Rd: 3 (#55)
Follow him on Twitter: @chasecampbell_


#2 Noel Hoefenmayer - Defense
Height - 6.00
Weight - 190
Jan 6, 1999
North York, ON
OHL - OTT (2015) Rd: 2 (#36)
Follow him on Twitter: @noelhoefenmayer

#3 William Brown - Defense
Height - 6.01
Weight - 177
May 3, 1998
Nepean, ON
OHL - OTT (2014) Rd: 3 (#43)
Follow him on Twitter: @77WilliamBrown

#5 Andrei Golikov - Defense
Height - 6.03
Weight - 175
May 31, 1999
Yaroslavl, Russia
EURO - OTT (2016) Rd: 1 (#32)

#6 Ryan Orban - Defense
Height - 6.03
Weight - 208
Jul 24, 1997
Stittsville, ON
OHL - SAG (2013) Rd: 2 (#23)
Follow him on Twitter: @_orban_

#18 Hudson Wilson - Defense
Height - 6.03
Weight - 192
May 3, 1999
Toronto, ON
OHL - OTT (2015) Rd: 3 (#52)

#21 Jacob Middleton - Defense
Height - 6.03
Weight - 212
Jan 2, 1996
Stratford, ON
NHL - LA (2014) Rd: 7 (#210) *unsigned
OHL - OS (2012) Rd: 1 (#8)
Follow him on Twitter: @MiddzClassy

#27 Carter Robertson - Defense
Height - 6.02
Weight - 170
Jan 15, 2000
Holland Landing, ON
OHL - OTT (2016) Rd: 2 (#30)
Follow him on Twitter: @Carterr_2

#65 Peter Stratis - Defense
Height - 6.00
Weight - 184
Jan 18, 2000
Scarborough, ON
OHL - OTT (2016) Rd: 1 (#11)
Follow him on Twitter: @p_stratis65

#88 Kevin Bahl  - Defense
Height - 6.05
Weight - 225
Jun 27, 2000
Mississauga, ON
OHL - OTT (2016) Rd: 2 (#31)


#37 Leo Lazarev - Goaltender
Height - 5.10
Weight - 161
Jul 27, 1997
Moscow, Russia
OHL - OTT (2014) Rd: 2 (#24)

#68 Oliver Lafreniere - Goaltender
Height - 6.02
Weight - 195
Jun 8, 1998
Bradford, ON
OHL - OTT (2014) Rd: 3 (#57)
Follow him on Twitter: @Olivier_Bar_Up


General Manager - Jeff Brown
Head Coach - Jeff Brown
Associate Coach - Mike Eastwood
Assistant Coach - Brad Brown
Goalie Coach - Paul Schonfelder

September 06, 2016

67's Weekend Wrap-up

It’s the beginning of September and the OHL preseason is well underway. After completing their first of 2 home-and-home series and finishing 0-2, it’s clear the Ottawa 67’s still have a lot of work ahead of them.

Cutting down the team from 41 to 23 players earlier in the week, the 67’s brass is starting to see how their team shapes up against competition. Some notables from the roster cuts include 2015-16 67’s skaters Adam Craievich and Will Brown. However, Brown was later brought back to the team before game 2 and was placed in the starting lineup next to veteran defenseman Jake Middleton.

September 02, 2016

Summer of 67 - by the numbers

58.6 million dollars doled out in guaranteed money to the three ex-Barberpoles in the photo above by the Calgary Flames, Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators respectively.

April 28, 2016

Learning from the best; how the 67's can draw from unfavourable OHL Championship series

Any team in a retooling stage has to take a best of a bad situation mentality at times, and the 67's of today are no different.

As a nightmarish scenario plays out for fans of the Barberpoles -- their biggest modern day rival Niagara facing off against everyone's modern day rival London in the OHL Finals for the second time in four years -- the two squads offer a reminder that the not-so-playoff-hardened 67's may not be so far away.

April 01, 2016

67's season ends in St. Catharines

The 67's didn't have the most urgent of starts when they needed it most, and although they made things interesting, fizzled out with a season-ending 5-2 loss.

March 30, 2016

67's pushed to the brink of elimination in heartbreaking loss to the IceDogs

Fourty-six seconds. That’s all it took for Jordan Maletta to score the overtime winner for the Niagara IceDogs. The win gives the IceDogs a commanding 3-1 series lead in the OHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinal and sends a heartbroken-Ottawa 67’s team back to St. Catharines on Friday night on the brink of elimination.

March 28, 2016

Firsts for both netminders, 67's finally beat Nedeljkovic in Game Three

It took 10 games and a meltdown of sorts -- three of the first six shots finding the net -- for the Ottawa 67's to finally beat Alex Nedeljkovic, and it couldn't have come at a more opportune time.

With a 4-2 win on  Monday, Ottawa draws to within a game of Niagara and holds their serve at home.

March 27, 2016

67s fall 5-3 to IceDogs in game 2

The 67’s will return to Ottawa down two games in the first round after a 5-3 loss in Niagara Saturday night.

The Barberpoles looked to be off to a strong start, taking a 2-0 lead into the first intermission, and allowing only one goal in the second period, heading into the third with a 2-1 lead.

But just 33 seconds into the final frame, Pavel Jenys beat Leo Lazarev to tie the game and put the pressure on Ottawa.

The 67’s regained the lead less than two minutes later when Nevin Guy beat IceDogs’ goaltender Alex Nedeljkovic on a one time shot on the powerplay.

But the second lead was short-lived when just a minute later, 3:23 into the third, Christopher Paquette made it 3-3 with the help of Ryan Mantha and Aleksandar Mikulovich. 

Josh Ho-Sang gave the IceDogs their first lead of the game with about eight and half minutes remaining in the third.  The breakaway goal would go on to be the game-winner, earning Ho-Sang first star.

The 67’s pulled Lazarev for an extra attacker late in the third but were unable to beat Nedeljkovic. Niagara forward Brendan Perlini scored on the empty net to extend Niagara’s lead to by two goals.

Perlini’s late goal was his second of the game. He also opened scoring for the IceDogs in the second period, slashing the 67’s lead in half.

Dante Salituro’s first-period goal, a 4-on-2 setup with the help of Stepan Falkovsky to open scoring midway through the first, marked the 67’s first playoff lead since 18:07 of game 5 in last year’s first round series.

Travis Barron scored the second goal for Ottawa, a deflection off a Falkovsky shot 11:27 into the first.

Scratches Jeremiah Addison and Adam Craievich are both still listed as ‘day-to-day’.

The first-round series will make its debut in Ottawa on Monday, as the 67’s take on the IceDogs in game three, at 3pm at TD Place Arena. If the 67’s don’t manage a win on home ice Monday, they will face elimination in Wednesday’s game four.

March 24, 2016

67's lose a nail bitter 5-4 in regulation to the IceDogs

‘Let Them See Red’ is Niagara’s playoff slogan but it was also the slogan for refs in the opening game of the series. The Ottawa 67’s and Niagara IceDogs found themselves playing 28:48 of the first 40 minutes with the man advantage between the two of them. Vince Dunn scored the eventual game winner on the power play just one minute into the third period to lead his IceDogs to a 5-4 regulation victory over the 67’s.

It one of the most bizarre starts to an OHL series as the 67’s scored on their own net just 1:25 into the game. With Leo Lazarev on his way to the bench from a delayed penalty call, Adam Craievich sent a no-look pass behind him from centre ice that ended up in the back of the net. The 67’s would not score on the ensuing power play but Nathan Todd would wire one on their next power play opportunity of the game.

There were 5 consecutive power plays for Ottawa in the first period but were only able to connect on that first goal. Specialty teams proved to be important for both teams tonight as the 67’s went 3 for 8 on the power play and the IceDogs went 2 for 5. The officiating tightened up in the third period with only two power plays awarded in the final frame.

The 67’s found themselves chasing the IceDogs all night matching them with each goal scored until the eventual game winner one minute into the third giving the IceDogs the first two-goal lead of the game. Ottawa had a hard time gaining any pressure in the third period as Niagara’s defense did a great job of clogging lanes and limiting zone entries. It wasn’t until 12:35 into the period that Ottawa would get a shot on net.

But a late power play gave the 67’s a great opportunity to gain some momentum. After hitting the post, Jeremiah Addison connected on the next rush from a nice pass by Artur Tyanulin. The goal gave the 67’s some more life as they battled until the final seconds. Despite the extra attacker, Alex Nedeljkovic and the Niagara IceDogs were able to hang on to their 1-goal lead and took game 1 of the series.

Nathan Todd and Jeremiah Addison each had a goal and two assists for Ottawa while Joshua Ho-Sang had three primary assists for Niagara. Addison now has 7 goals and 6 assists through 7 playoff games against Niagara. Meanwhile Ho-Sang has 1 goal 12 assists through 7 playoff games against Ottawa.

Next game goes Saturday night in Niagara before the series shifts to Ottawa on Monday afternoon.

·         It was hard for either team to really gain momentum due to the several penalties in the first 40 minutes. Players had a hard time knowing what was and wasn’t a penalty.
·         67’s will need to be better in the faceoff circle winning on 38.6% of the draws on the night.
·         Silverlining is that the 67’s found multiple ways to score on Alex Nedeljkovic. It’s the defence that they need to tighten up.
·         67’s will need to continue to work on their power play as they have had to all season. Not capitalizing on their opportunities hurt them in the end however 3 of 8 is much better than 0 of 8.
·         Niagara continues to drive hard to the net. More protection is needed for Lazarev.
·         Watch Josh Ho-Sang, his playmaking skills and vision are some of the best in the league. He is lethal at many ends of the ice including behind the net (where he had two assists tonight).

67's, IceDogs set for fifth playoff battle in eight years

To anyone not familiar with the Brian Kilrea era, it's tough to explain how much the 2009 playoffs hurt for 67's fans; picture the worst third-period, game 7 collapse you can imagine, and add on the fact that it ended the coaching career of a legend.

The 2009 heartbreak wasn't even the start, nor end, of the playoff rivalry that's festered between the IceDogs and the 67's -  Adam Smyth elbowing then-Mississauga IceDogs superstar Patrick O'Sullivan in the head in the 2003 playoffs probably started it.

But the Hockey Gods decided that that vicious series, a five-game Ottawa win that resulted in 50 games worth of suspensions, wasn't enough.  And that upon the IceDogs move to St. Catharines in 2007, these two franchises would conjure up enough animosity to create one of the more hard-fought playoff rivalries in the OHL.

March 18, 2016

Scoreboard watching, cherrypicking on 67's not-to-do list

The 67's might have been getting ahead of themselves in their home finale in what Jake Middleton said turned into "pad your stat night" for some of their players, but a 5-3 win over Hamilton ensures they won't drop past fifth in the East.

March 16, 2016

67's lose Lazarev, gain ground on Eastern Conference

The 67's picked up another two points on Tuesday night, although given their success against Barrie's goaltending perhaps it would've been in their best interest to drop in the standings.

March 13, 2016

Tyanulin's overtime winner clinches hattrick, keeps home ice possible

Artur Tyanulin, who nearly had a hattrick wrapped up in a wild first period, finally found his third of the game in overtime on Saturday as the 67's beat Kingston.

If the Barberpoles want to have any chance at home ice advantage in what seems to be becoming an annual tradition -- playing Niagara in the playoffs -- last night was a must-win.

March 06, 2016

67's hush Bulldogs in 4-1 win

The Ottawa 67’s are two points closer to home ice advantage in the playoffs after a 4-1 win over the Bulldogs Sunday night in Hamilton.

The race for fourth in the OHL’s Eastern Conference is tight. Ottawa, Niagara, Peterborough, and Mississauga are all within two points of each other with just a few games left in the regular season.

“We’re all fighting for that fourth spot,” said 67’s captain Jacob Middleton after Sunday’s matchup.

The win over the Bulldogs now has the 67’s sitting in fifth with 67 points. Niagara is ahead by a point while Peterborough and Mississauga are tied just behind Ottawa with 66 points.

“With what we’ve got left, we [have to] make the most of it and play our best hockey leading into the playoffs,” added Middleton, who did just that, assisting on Ottawa’s first two goals Sunday.

The first came just over five-and-a-half minutes in the opening frame, when Nathan Todd managed to beat Hamilton goaltender Kaden Fulcher.

Artur Tyanulin, who picked up an assist on Ottawa’s first goal, wasted no time finding the back of the net 10:37 into the second after Fulcher gave up a big rebound on a Middleton shot, making it 2-1 for the 67’s.

Just 1:21 later, Travis Barron managed to poke the puck just past Fulcher, giving Ottawa a commanding 3-0 lead. 

But the Bulldogs were determined not to head into the final period scoreless.

With just over two minutes left in the second, Niki Petti’s repeated efforts against 67’s goalie Leo Lazarev finally paid off, cutting Ottawa’s lead to two.   

Matt Luff and Matthew Strome picked up the assists on the lone Hamilton goal.

Despite their best efforts, the Bulldogs only managed five shots on Lazarev in the third, for a game total of 19.

Ottawa recorded 30 shots on net, including an empty net goal by Dante Salituro, his 34th of the season, with 14 seconds left in the game.

The 67’s have just four regular season games remaining. Next Saturday, the barberpoles will take on the first-place Frontenacs in Kingston at 7:00pm.

Ottawa then comes home to play the Barrie Colts on Wednesday, March 16 at 7:00pm at TD Place Arena.